“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see a difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body”

– Joseph Pilates

Our classes are pre-paid at the beginning of the month as a block of classes. See prices below:

Mat-Pilates£9 x weeks in month
Mat-Pilates Concession (Students/Retired/NHS)£8 x weeks in month
Ballet and Silver Swans£8 x weeks in a month
1:1 Reformer£45 per session
1:1 Trial Reformer class£35 per session
2:1 Reformer£30 per session


There are several reasons we require you to pre-pay for group classes:

  • To get the best results you should practice regularly, so you can feel and see the benefits. Pilates and other classes are a discipline, and they require commitment.
  • Once you book your class, your place is guaranteed for the month.
  • It is not feasible for us to pay our highly trained and experienced teachers when there is a small number of participants in a class. This means that you’ll always receive the best tuition.

Catch Up Classes

If you can’t make a session in any given block, you can arrange a catch-up session in the same month space-permitting.

Why are Reformer classes expensive?

  • Our instructors have accredited certifications so that we can understand and help you achieve your goals, we know alignment, which muscles should be working, and how to program Pilates so you get the best.
  • Accredited certifications for comprehensive Pilates training is very costly and takes a considerable amount of time.
  • The large equipment is expensive, not only to buy but to maintain. A low-end yoga mat costs £10, whereas a low-end Pilates reformer costs upwards of £4,000.
  • When you pay a little bit more for your Pilates class, you know your instructor is being compensated fairly for their expertise. You want someone who loves Pilates and you do not want a cut-rate instructor, this is your health and your body put it in the hands of someone who is passionate and knowledgeable.

Why Reformer?

This is about your health, your body, and your mind. Here are a few reasons why reformer Pilates classes might be worth it to you:

  • You have chronic pain or a past injury, or you just want to be able to move pain-free
  • You have some urgent body goals
  • You want to gain equal results in strength, flexibility, and mindfulness
  • You want bespoke private sessions
  • You want bespoke upside-down sessions
  • You just want to have some fun and want to be connected to a kind of movement that is life-changing inside and out